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As Muslims, we strongly believe that success in this world and hereafter. Lies in following the guideline given by Allah almighty. In the form of the Quran education. Online Quran Tafseer Course is indeed a complete code of life. It is a known fact that learning the Quran is the best knowledge. Quran teaches us in the best way by storytelling and making learning easy.

Islam had crossed the boundaries of Arabia within the first century of its advent. The non-Arab Muslims need to understand the message of Allah, for the Muslim scholars made this many efforts. Scholars made a lot of translations and explanations to make it easy to understand the language meaning and the message of Quran for a non-Arab Muslim.

In the era of materialism, it is most significant for us to learn and understand the message of the Holy Quran. You can mold and live better lives, if you start living them according to the revealed holy teachings of Allah almighty. Islamic Global Link is trying to add a part to this holy mission to spread. The message of Allah almighty for this purpose. We started an online Tafseer course with nominal and budget-friendly charges.

How does the Online Tafseer course help you in understanding Quran?

The word “Tafseer” has an Arabic origin with the root word “Fassara.” The meaning of Fassara is a deep explanation, elaboration, or interpretation. The dictionary meaning of the word Tafseer is interpretation or explanation. (Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad Farahindi-KItab ul Ain)

In the Tafseer course, we provide you with a deep understanding of every verse of the Quran. You can only understand the Quran properly. When you know the verses’ meanings and details, Islamic Global Link online education takes you to the learning and understanding Quran. So that you can implement it in your life besides the background of learning, the Tafseer course also has a scholarly verdict we can explain Quran in four ways.

Explanation of Quran’s meaning by itself
One verse of the Quran explains the other verse. You can only learn from Quran. When you know the meaning of it. Tafseer’s course is necessary to learn the meaning of the Quran.

Explanation of Quran through Sunnah
The second way of learning the Quran is learning through Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) presented the true Quran through practice.

Learning Quran by statements of Sahaba
Shahab were the companions of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. They saw the implementation of the Quran and Islam in their lives. So understanding the Quran through its statements. It is also helpful for those who want to learn.

Quran’s explanation in the Arabic language
Learning Quran is easy if you learn the Arabic language Course. Arabic, especially classic Arabic in which Quran is revealed, is clear and vivid.

Why is learning Tafseer important?

Do you love recitation of the Quran? If you want to inhale every word of the Holy Book with its true meaning and context? Do you understand Urdu or English? If yes, our online Tafseer course is a great opportunity for you.

Only recitation of the Quran is not enough to understand it. You can only understand the true meaning of the Quran by learning Arabic or Tafseer. If you only recite it without understanding its true meaning, you can not implement it in your life. So, to know the meaning of the Quran. You must join our Tafseer course.

Important features of the Online Tafseer Course

Online Quran courses offered by Islamic global link online education help you make your steps easy toward practical implementation of Islam. The Online Tafseer course helps you to understand Quran in its true meaning.
The course consists of several phases in which our specialized tutors take the students from the simplest to the most complicated with a gradual increase in difficulty level.

Translating the Holy Quran is the first step of the online Tafseer course offered by Islamic Global Link online education. Our tutors help and guide the student toward Quranic Arabic and the meaning of commonly used words.

Mainly Arabic to English translation will be tough for south Asian students. We have the option of Arabic to Urdu/ English translation. Other Muslim brothers and sisters will also be entertained with the translation of the Holy Quran. In their preferred language on request. We charge extra charges for this facility.

Islamic Global Link is one platform for learning Quran from across the globe.

Irrespective of your geographical location, language, or cultural background. We are here to teach you the meaning of the Quran. It is only a click away from accessing the most experienced teachers. These teachers will make learning Quran easier for you.

The translation is the first step in understanding the Holy Quran. After completion of the translation of the Holy Quran, our specialized and experienced tutors will guide you after a detailed discussion.
Our core mission is to spread Islam and help people from across the globe to understand Quran properly. Register with Islamic Global Link online education and get a surprise discount now.

No age barrier to learning Quran. We offer Quranic learning through our Tajweed Course, Arabic language course, and online Tafseer course to students of every age.

Our Tafseer course is designed to teach Quran to Muslims across the globe. We believe in equal opportunities for every gender, country resident, and any level of resources. Make a learning decision now, and don’t miss the opportunity.

What will you learn?

It is very important to understand the message of the Holy Quran. Islamic Global Link offers an online Tafseer Course.

  1. You will get detailed and deep knowledge along with the backgrounds of verses.
  2. Details discussion regarding verses that contain Islamic rules.
  3. Knowledge regarding causes of Allah’s punishments on ancient nations.
  4. Understanding Quranic verses concerning hadiths.
  5. Complete knowledge of the Quran is necessary to become a Mufassir.
  6. Our teachers will translate each verse and explain it in detail. Ask your teachers for uncountable times if you have a problem with understanding.
  7. Recordings of audio and video lectures.
  8. Once access to the online course. Will get access to lectures for a lifetime.
  9. Get the fee discounts for your referrals/siblings.

What are the benefits of the Online Tafseer Course by Islamic Global Link?

The benefits of the Online Tafseer course include

Proper understanding of Quranic verses

You can not implement Quranic behaviour’s and rules in your life without knowing the accurate meaning of Quranic verses and Surahs. The Online Tafseer course helps you to understand the true meaning of Quranic verses. We will help you understand the dictionary and literal meaning of the Quran. Online Tafseer Course also provides. The purpose and context of the Quranic verses. If you want to know the true divine knowledge of Allah, you must learn Tafseer-e-Quran through our online course.

Separate classes for both genders

Islamic Global Link offer separate classes for both gender groups with the tutor of the same gender group. We offer a daily class of 1 hour. We also offer weekend classes of 3 hours for those with busy schedules.

On-demand classes for Online Tafseer Course

Islamic Global Link online education respects your wish to learn the Quran deeply and the constraint of a busy schedule. We also offer a special class on demand. With a personalized tutor who can manage the class for you any time you segregate from your schedule. For that, you have to pay some extra charges.

Teaching Methodology

In our regular class, you will have live discussions in one-to-one on zoom, cloud, and Skype.

Experienced Teachers

We own a team of the most vigilant and experienced teachers. These teachers can help you learn Quran through Online Tajweed Course, Arabic Course, Hadith Course, and other courses. Check our list of courses that are offered online.

Flexible fee schedule

Make your fee schedule for yourself according to your ease. Our flexible fee schedule offers monthly or monthly fees, or you can submit a complete fee in one step.

Give your kids the gift of understanding of Holy Quran. Take them admission Online Tafseer Course in their free time. That will help them to elevate on a religious level.

Get a free trial class or enroll in our Tafseer course to learn the true meaning of the Quran.

  1. Modules of Online Tafseer Quran Course
  2. Proper meanings of Quranic verse
  3. Deep explanation of verses
  4. Context of Quranic verse or Shan-e-Nuzool
  5. The connection between different Surahs
  6. Explanation of Surahs
  7. Understanding rules
  8. Application or method of implementation of Quranic rules
  9. Asool-e-Tafseer
  10. Reference Hadith

Understand the meaning of verses and surah’s through our “easy to learn” methodology of spreading the true knowledge of Islam.

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