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Arabic is the religious language of Muslims. Because Allah, the Almighty, chose it to be the language of the Holy Quran. The Holy Prophet’s mother tongue. All the religious literature or the Muslims is preserved in the Arabic language. As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) also advised learning Arabic as a language courses for all his followers.


إِنَّآ أَنزَلْنَـٰهُ قُرْءَٰنًا عَرَبِيًّۭا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

“Learn Arabic as it gives strength to your mind and enhance chivalry.”


In the modern world, around 25 voluntaries have adopted Arabic as their national language, and nearly 400 million people are speaking Arabic these days so being a citizen of Muslim community first and then a member of this global village it is essential for us to learn Arabic as a language as our following language.


To help you in this Islamic global link offers you an online Arabic course with a promise to make you excel in Arabic language with full of its fluency.

The benefits of online Arabic Language Course with Islamic Global Link

The benefits of this online Arabic language course offered by Islamic Global Link education are following:

Quranic language

One of the biggest challenges that many known Arab Muslims are facing today is to learn Quran and understand it’s meaning properly as Arabic is not their native language adopting this online Arabic course by Islamic Global Link gives you a shorty that you can appreciate Holy Quran and hobbies and gives you a flow in the stream of the religion Islam for Muslims. This is the most important reason to adopt Arabic language as their following language.

Understanding Sunnah

For Muslims Arabic language is having a remarkable value because the entire Islamic heritage is written in Arabic language. We can say that you can get some super reward. Islamic Global Link offers you online Islamic course to get enrol. As it helps you to understand the words of Holy Prophet PBUH. Learning Arabic gives you a chance to explore all the aspects of Islam by yourself without any help of translation.

Getting known to Muslim communities

Language is a key towards culture and society of any nation. The essential tool to express or communicate is language. So we can say that Online Arabic course can open the doors of nearly 25 countries for you to have an excellent job in these countries for the betterment of your family economy or if you want to explore the history culture those countries a good knowledge of Arabic enhance your living and different Islamic countries having Arabic as their official language.

Gives a flavour to your Salah

In five times a day is this on duty of each and every Muslim as well as slot is the key to success in this life and hereafter. A good knowledge of Quran language evolves your heart and soul and the concentration in Salat will be straightforward. As all of us believe that Namaz is the direct link between the man and the creator so a good grip over Arabic language can increase the involvement of men making Salaat more fruitful than ever.

Arabic literature

Literature is the hidden doors to understand the culture of any society to explore deep about any community. You need to have a grip over the native language of them. All the Muslim countries with Arabic as their native language are having uniquely fantastic literature. To enjoy that literature and dig deep about their culture the Online Quran Course offered by Islamic Global Link. Our education system will help you a lot in understanding Quran literature and Culture.


You are welcome and enrol yourself to online Quran course offered by Islamic Global Link online education. A special offer is preregistration in the month of Ramadan. You can join here in our daily class in case of a busy schedule, we are offering biweekly and three hours duration weekend class.

Promoting Islamic Culture

We have both male and female teachers. The grouping of students is usually done gender wise.

Unique and Personalized Tutoring

Our most unique feature is personalized tutor for those who can afford it. Islamic Global Link personalized tutors can teach you anytime that you want and they can schedule the class according to your ease.


A benefit for those who registered themselves in Islamic Global Link is our unique tool which helped them to self study by using that tool our students can study or practice the language by themselves and the agency can rectify their errors quickly. For the fluency in language we have a particular program of group discussion twice a month in which tutors are also involved.


At the end of the course our students have to appear in external exams it means that are external examiners who are primarily from Arab countries will take one-on-one interview to check the fluency and correct pronunciation of the students. Those who successfully complete the written test as well as one-on-one interview will be presented with a diploma certificate.


Global Link Education offers courses Basic Islamic Course, Islamic History and Culture, Tajweed, Translation of Holy Quran, Tafseer, and Qirat Course.

Activities Involved

  • Arabic Grammar
  • Arabic communication
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Daily conversation
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