Learning Online Holy Quran Course

“The best among you is the one who learn and teach Holy Quran.”

A famous saying Holy Prophet (S.A.W) emphasizes the importance of learning the Holy Quran. Being a complete code of life, Islam is essential to study the Quran, and understand it with its true soul. Understanding the Quran helps us rephrase our life according to the teachings of Islam.
Islamic Global Link online education provides a facility of online Quran courses that can help you understand, and rephrase your life according to the requirement of Islam.

Online Quran Course for Beginners

Islamic Global Link education designed its Quran course for beginners. It is also helpful for those senior citizens who want to read and understand the Holy Quran again.

Dedicated and Experienced Tutors

Our dedicated male and female tutors are well aware to help and guide beginners especially. You will find the online Quran course offered by Islamic Global Link online education accessible, simple, well planned, and well structured, which is being implemented professionally.

Language Grip

Arabic is not your mother tongue; the best and most important thing is to have a language grip. For this purpose, we offer special booklets and classes to develop a stronghold on the Quranic language.


Our teaching staff always focuses on correct pronunciation and punctuation of the Holy Quran, which helps you recite it better. For this purpose, Islamic Global Link online education used to share the audio-video tutorials with their enrolled students to enable them to understand and learn in a better way. As listening Quran again and again helps you to read it in a better way.

Flexible Time

You can join the Quran course offered by Islamic Global Link online education in a group class scheduled daily at four different timings: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. If you are busy enough, do not join our daily class. We offer a bi-weekly Quran course class. We have another offer of a weekend class only but a weekend class of three hours to cover at least one whole topic to spread the knowledge of the Quran.

Personalized Online Quran Tutoring

Islamic Global Link education offers a special offer for you, and your kids to have a personalized tutor. With them, you can schedule your class time according to your timetable. The sole purpose of this online course is only to spread the knowledge of the Quran, and let people help rephrase their lives according to Islam’s teachings.

Essentials of the course

The current course, Islamic Global Link online education, enables you and your kids to read Quran online. Start learning at your place in which we offer the basic knowledge of the Arabic language used in Quran Qiraat, translation, and understanding of the Holy Quran. We help you to recite the Holy Quran correctly (Tilawah).


A unique feature of our online Quran course is an option of self-study where you can use our unique design specially designed tool that can help you recite the Quran on your own, and the tool will rectify your errors in recitation. These tools also help you perform well in a group class or teacher-supervised study.

Steps to Admission

Admission to an online Quran course is just three steps away from you

  1. Registration
  2. Enrolment
  3. Join the trial and Start your course

Fee structure

In the blessed month of Ramadan, we offer free registration and half fee plus three days of free trial class via any active forum by Islamic Global Link online education like Skype or other platforms.

A standard and well-designed course planned on the principles of Islam amalgamated with modern technology using the internet, staying at your home reading, and understanding your holy book at your place separately.

The best feature of the course is sharing the live screen with the students, which helped them see the page quickly, and observe every word. Auditors are using whiteboards to guide students.

Islamic Global Link offers a comprehensive and fast way of teaching. It enables everyone who joins us to recite the Holy Quran independently within a week. Besides Online Quran Courses, Islamic Global link online education offers, Hadith Courses, Tajweed courses, Basic Islamic Courses etc.

Activities Involved

  • Memorization of the Quran:
  • Nazara Quran
  • Noorani Qaida
  • Iqra Book Volume (6)
  • Translation and Interpretation of the Quran
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Start Learning Today, Get Free Trial

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