What impact can Islamic courses have on personality development?​

Islam is a religion that emphasizes total submission to Allah. The Islamic Course and Islam word in literature means “peace”. Religion signifies achieving peace of mind and body and maintaining peace within the society through the obedience of Allah.

The basic concept of Islam is Tawhid, which means Allah has created the universe and the whole of humankind. Everything happens after the Almighty’s orders. The concept of Tawwhid defines the actual position of Man in the universe and his duties. The second concept of Islam is life after death, which means humans are responsible for their actions in this world. Allah has not neglected humanity’s enlightenment. He guided man through his prophets and the divine Holy books.

Quran is the crux of all the commandments of Allah. The major resources for learning Islam are Quran and Hadith. Learning proper Islamic requires proper teachers and mentors who can define and teach the proper religion.

Islamic Global Link offers Islamic courses online.

The objective of Islamic courses is to assist students of every age in developing spiritually and morally. “a common set of ethics” that is based Quran and Sunnah. The courses help students to build a personality according to Islam. The Islamic Courses include.

Tajweed/ Quran Recitation

Learning proper pronunciation is an important aspect of learning Islamic studies. Learning “Quran” with proper pronunciation is mandatory because a single mistake in pronunciation of the Quran completely changes the meaning of the verses. Islamic Global Link offers a Tajweed Quran course. In this course, our Hufaz-e-Quran tutors help students to recite Quran with proper pronunciation.

Basic Islamic Courses

Islam is based on five pillars. Basic Islamic courses help you to understand each pillar properly. For Example, Islamic studies course, you will be able to perform salah properly and know about fasting, zakat and the Islamic code of conduct.


Quran gives knowledge of Allah’s commandments, whereas Hadith tells us how to perform these duties. Learning Hadith is pretty important to understand the details about the methods and ways to interact with society’s families, friends, and people. Islamic Global Link offers a Hadith course to understand Hadith properly and memorize them.

Islamic Studies

Quran and islamic studies courses has a wide range of topics that are covered. The topics covered include Tawakkal, Towhid, behavioral sciences, etc.

Islamic History

Studying Islamic History takes you to the golden era of Islamic development and civilization. In this course, in-depth knowledge of Islamic History and comparing this ancient muslin and today’s Muslims. Islamic courses show multidisciplinary points of view about all aspects of Islam.


Learning Arabic helps you to understand the proper pronunciation. It makes Quran recitation easy and accurate. This course is also helpful in getting job opportunities in middle east countries, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic countries.

Major effects of Islamic course on personality

Character isn’t just a guideline or a side note to theological debates. Rather, the spirit that gives life to our doctrines is a good character, morals, ethics, and manners. It is the very definition of righteousness as described in the Quran. This dynamic shift starts with each individual. While religious rituals are important, Islam is a way of life. Everything in a Muslim’s life should conform to Islam, including manners and personality. However, according to Islam, it’s not easy for adults to change their hobbit or live a contented life.

The study of the Islamic course changes a person’s complete personality and develops positive traits in him. He becomes a positive and active citizen of the country.


By studying Islamic courses, the person develops a sense of conscientiousness. It means he becomes responsible and starts avoiding sins. Islamic studies teach about the benefits and importance of salah. When a Muslim knows the value of Salah, he starts performing Salah five times a day. If you perform Salah five times a day, Salah is better than any regular exercise and has the best mental care. Performing Salah keeps him away from drugs and other stimulants. He pays consistent attention to his spiritual health and intends towards virtues.

Emotional Stability

A deep study of the Quran and Hadees enhances the sense of Tawakkal in a person. Tawakkal means the person remains satisfied and contented in every type of circumstance. The sense of Tawakkal or thankfulness of Allah helps to reduce suicidal attention in youth. A satisfied person can act better than a depressed person. Emotional Stability helps reduce mental disorders as well.


A person with complete knowledge of Islam remains thankful for Allah’s giving to him. He is agreed with the decisions of Allah. Agreeableness means deep faith in Allah. The deep faith in Allah is the most distinguishing feature of a Muslim. Studying Islamic courses develops a conviction that whatever happens with him or in the world occurs by the decree of Allah. He becomes obedient to Allah and develops a continuous connection with him.

Eliminates Materialism

A true Muslim is not materialistic. He does an effort to succeed and earn money, but he does not believe in exploitation for money. Studying Islamic courses strengthens your belief in the life hereafter. The belief in life hereafter makes you rise above the worldly life and strive for goodness and virtue. You start to pay attention to intellectualism in a balanced manner, which means you concentrate equally on earning money and should be “Halal.”

Islamic courses help in Behavioral Development

Islam teaches everything necessary to live a better life and the helpful deeds in the life hereafter. Learning Islamic courses are helpful in the behavioral development of a person.

Attitude towards "own self".

According to Islam, an individual himself is important. Islam guides its followers to take good care of themselves, their bodies and their soul. Islam promotes good care of the physical needs of the persons like cleanliness, eating, etc. The knowledge about commandments regarding personal hygiene is taught through Hadith and Quran courses.

He becomes a moderate person.

Islam teaches the idealism of moderation and orders to avoid extreme exaggeration and negligence. Through the continuous study of Islamic courses, he understands religion better. He starts following Islamic idealism and becomes a moderate person. A moderate citizen of the society adds value to it rather than a person who keeps quarrelling with neighbors or family.

Attitude towards Siblings

Islam teaches his followers “How to behave with parents, children and people surrounding him?” Islamic courses are helpful in the deep study of Islamic knowledge. When you study Islam, your perspective toward your parents transforms into one of genuine obedience and love. You start treating them with kindness and deep gratitude because you become aware of your parent’s status and have knowledge of your duties.

Islamic Courses will also help you change your behavior toward your wife and children. Your treatment becomes a good example of kindness, intelligent handling and understanding of her psychology.

Secondly, a female attains the knowledge of how she should behave with his husband and what are her core duties as a daughter and a mother. She starts to pay good attention to them, give them proper Islamic knowledge and develops an Islamic code of conduct.

For the children, they can understand how to behave with their parents? What type of behavior do they have to choose when they become a husband or a wife?.

Islam teaches the duties and responsibilities of a person completely. Islam eliminates discrimination and asks to forgive the people’s mistakes and maintain a good society at large.

Behavior towards relatives

Islam is a complete code of life. It educates us how to interact with our family members. Kinship ties are maintained and tasks are performed by someone who has a greater understanding of religion. Islamic classes will help you better grasp your social responsibilities. It is easy to maintain a good and helpful relationship with your relatives when you know how to perform your duties.

Attitude towards neighbors

Islam illustrates good behavior with neighbors. Islam orders to consider the feelings of others and avoid hurting others. A better Muslim puts up with the mistreatments of his neighbors and turns a blind eye to his faults while avoiding those faults in himself.

Attitude towards friends and acquaintances

A Muslim intends to create the purest relationship with his acquaintances and friends because it is based on Love for the sake of Allah’s beatitude. Islamic course helps you to avoid being cold-hearted and become loving towards your friends. You become loyal and do not betray them, tolerant and forgiving. You become generous and supplicate for happiness.

Social Relationships

Islam encourages a person to be well-mannered, civilized, noble, and distinguished by a desire to avoid unnecessary involvement. Islamic courses online enable their students to improve their character and personality. A person with strong character adds value to society. Learning online Islamic courses will help the students to develop a better personality. A society that comprises individuals with good character personalities is better.

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