What tends to happen after I start up at Islamic Global Link?

Once you make it to the Islamic global Link, we promise to enlighten your life with the light of Islam. We will help you read, understand and adopt Islam as a code of life. It is simply success in life and the life hereafter.

What happens after completing Arabic?

After completing the Arabic language course, you have uh lots of ways to explore yourself. The course aids you in learning about Arabic countries’ society and culture. It also opened a lot of job doors and Arab society. Moreover, the most important is to learn Arabic to understand Quran and Islam.

Is there anything I can do right now to start studying Arabic?

You must first decide on the type of Arabic language you desire to explore. Then start with the basics, learn to use the Arabic dictionary, speak the language, try to have an Arab friend who can talk to you in Arabic. Islamic global link share a specific course that help the learners to understand and speak Arabic fluently.

Can I attend short courses in Islamic Global Link?

Islamic global Link offers many short courses, and everyone who is digital illiterate can join our short course.

Is there a deadline for applications? On which moment do classes begin?

The deadline for application is 10 days after the announcement of the course and invitation of applications. After that deadline, we take 10 days to sort out the complete applications. 10 days are given to pay the fee. After that, formal classes will be commenced.

I have submitted my online application; what is next?

After submission of your online application, wait for the reply. We will reply to you through your email address which may take a few days but not more than a week. An email with the fee voucher will be sent if the registration form is accepted. After paying the fee, you can join the class.

Islamic global Link is a budget-friendly online teaching institute that helps you learn and understand Islam without a burden on your pocket. The tuition fees depend upon the length of the course also matters a lot.

After the enrolment, you have to pay the prescribed fee via the prescribed fee voucher attached to your acceptance email.

What are the tuition fees at the Islamic Global Link?

Our rates are competitive, starting at $60 with no hidden charges. You can pay the course fee by parts or complete. We believe in education for all. The fee is negotiable for needy students. Scholarships are also available for brilliant students.

Can I attend Islamic Global Link for learning, if I belong to Sunni or other sect?

In Islamic Global Link, you are welcome as we do not focus on any sect. Our emphasis is on the basic teachings of Islam and the Quran. If you are an orthodox Islamic global link can arrange a personalized tutor of your sect, but you have to pay for that.

What happens if a Muslim does not adhere to one of the five pillars?

All five basic pillars of Islam must be adhered to by Muslims. The first two, Shahadat and Salah, are the most important. These two pillars are the doors that allow you to enter Islam’s territory, but the other three, zakat fasting and Hajj, are dependent on circumstances. If you do not have specific wealth, you are not bound to pay the Zakat. In case of illness, you are permitted to leave fasting. If you do not have finances or have some disease that does not allow you to travel, you are not liable to perform Hajj.

What are the criteria for submitting an application?

We welcome everyone to study, understand and Adopt Islam. To complete an online application, you need to have a registered email ID, which you can check regularly. It would help if you were digitally literate and you had to share required personal information and scanned documents.

How can I apply or what is the online application process?

Register yourself first with the email address that you can regularly check once the course is announced; you have to fill out an online form. You need to share your personal information in the online application form and attach scan necessary documents. In case of a complete approved application, you will receive an acceptance email with a fee schedule. After that, you will be given your enrolment code To join the line class.

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